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  1. The waitlist has started moving everyone! I just got my offer to Niagara campus, and I seriously cannot believe my eyes!! I'm praying for all of you! You got this!!
  2. I wonder when ppl will start getting in from the waitlist
  3. you got this! hopefully mac or ottawa works out for you
  4. ahh congratulations and thank you for your encouragement!! :))
  5. Agreed. I don't want to waste time and mental energy hoping to get in if I'm on the bottom of the list sigh But fingers crossed to all of us!
  6. Btw does anyone know approximately how many people get waitlisted and how many get rejected? I've only seen 1 rejection so far
  7. According to the McMaster Waitlist Party 2020 thread, people in previous years got accepted off the waitlist starting on the 8th/9th day after D-Day. As for the second q, I believe they have 2 weeks from now.
  8. Hey y'all! Recently received my waitlist email. I decided to start this group, so that we can keep track of any acceptances off the list in the future It's been a wild ride, but don't lose hope. Good luck to everyone! We're all in this together!
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