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  1. GUYS I JUST GOT MY OFFER OF ADMISSIONS EMAIL!! So so so happy! This was my third time applying to NOSM (1st time on the waitlist), so I know how challenging the entire application process can be! And to those with low GPAs I know it is possible (my cGPA was around 3.4). So congrats to everyone who has made it this far - you should be proud of yourselves! And good luck friends - I hope to meet you all this fall!
  2. I haven't heard anything either! Hopefully we get some good news next week! Studying for my final tomorrow has kept me pretty busy this week! I cannot stop checking my phone or email either! I had to mute it because everytime it pings my heart stops a little haha.
  3. There is definitely still a big chance we can get in guys - I wouldn't give up hope! I know an individual who was rated in the 30s on the WL back when applicants knew their ranking, and they got in! I also know several individuals who got in off the waitlist closer to June a few years prior. It is very much dependent on each year and the trends vary greatly in terms of how many people are/are not accepted off the WL. I am crossing my fingers for us all But regardless of what may happen, getting on the waitlist is a huge accomplishment in itself! I am proud of you all.
  4. Seems that way! An applicant further up in the chat was also waitlisted but accepted an offer at a different school, thus being removed from the NOSM WL. Their timestamp was 8:22 last name "H".
  5. Does anyone know when applicants on the WL usually start getting offered acceptances?
  6. It's possible it is alphabetical (my last name starts with D). I know an individual above in the comments said their last name began with "H" and their timestamp was 8:22. It could also be random, or dependent upon how quickly the emails sent through to different individuals. Or, possibly dependent on one's rank in the WL.
  7. That's interesting - I didn't even consider the time difference. Hopefully it's all random. I got my email at 8:21.
  8. Got my email at 8:21 - waitlisted. The not-knowing is already killing me!
  9. I am waitlisted after three years of applying! It's going to be difficult to refrain from checking my email for an update every chance I get! I am crossing my fingers for us all and wish you all the best of luck
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