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  1. 57 spots confirmed. 7 left to accept their offers. 26 people are left on the waitlist.
  2. Well! Looks like the Waitlist moved up quite a bit this year! 26 spots left! Trying not to keep my hopes up too high though.
  3. Congrats!! I am so happy to hear that! Hopefully we all get good news soon too!
  4. Oh, does that mean anything? I have that too but I am waitlisted!
  5. Just curious! What is the reset button and where is it found?
  6. Wow that is awesome, congratulations! I am glad the list is moving this early!
  7. Do we think time of email stamp depends on rank? So earlier email means higher rank? I am so new at this and didn’t even even think I would get waitlisted this year! Feeling so stressed from all the waiting, as I am sure we all are!
  8. Anyone here accepted to multiple school including NOSM? Do you plan on rejecting NOSM? Just a hopeful waitlister here
  9. Got my waitlisted email at 8:21am today. First time applying! Wish we knew our ranks! Hopefully we find out soon if we are off the waitlist!
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