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  1. Campus area is pretty safe. Lots of students live near campus or downtown (10 mins away on lrt train). Years 1 and 2 its really nice since you don't have a commute to classes. Yrs 3 and 4 it matters less since you'll be at sites all over the city for various rotations and will likely do rural and even out of city, out of province electives. But yes, living near campus is what a lot of students in all 4 years do mainly for convenience.
  2. I'm a 2nd year at UofA and gave a pretty detailed answer to a very similar question in the UofA thread on here. Thread is called UofA med experience.
  3. Hey sorry I'm tagging on to this thread but what if you worked directly with the PI (got lots of facetime) and then are able to do an elective with them in their specialty? I was told that would make a good letter since they could speak to your research and clinical work but is that not the case? (I'm starting clerkship in fall so still don't know much about LORs)
  4. Diversity isn't too bad, definitely not where it should be but they are trying. They made some changes regarding Indigenous applicants in 2019 and this cycle made changes regarding Black applicants. Still a long way to go for other PoC and LGBTQ+ students, although each class is more diverse than the other. Basically, I'd say the med class diversity reflects AB's population pretty closely. FM clinic placements happen in 1st yr and there are a number of mandatory sessions you have to complete. When and how you do them is up to you and your preceptor. Most people go once a month since you t
  5. Hey, 2nd year here! Chose UofA over UofC for med for personal reasons and since I wanted the pacing of a 4 yr program, and no regrets! I'll try to touch on everything you asked but if I miss something, lemme know. Culture is very friendly and welcoming with both students and faculty. I knew no one going in and am an introvert, and found a great group of friends and am on good terms with pretty much everyone. Plenty of mentorship opportunities. Right off the bat you get a 2nd yr, 3rd, yr, and faculty mentor so lots of brains to pick. And most people are chill with you asking them questions
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