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  1. I received an offer from Chantal at 3:15PM. I will be accepting the offer, see you in September! And good luck to everyone else on the waitlist!
  2. There probably won't be any movement until after the 25th when initial OMSAS offers expire.
  3. I agree that last year it was mostly accurate. As far as we know from what was reported on this forum, only 1 person was skipped in the first bin. It's also important to note that the timestamps may not exactly line up with the waitlist order since some people lower on the spreadsheets got offers before people above them.
  4. Last year, it seemed to span over 4 minutes. Within bin 1, the first offer came out at 7:37:09 and the last offer came at 7:41:27. I honestly wouldn't look into it too much. If timestamps are indicative of relative waitlist rankings as it has in previous years, then the first ~30 to 40 people on the spreadsheet should receive an offer. Of course, it all depends on how many people will refuse their direct offers (which has averaged around 90 in previous years).
  5. Here are 2 spreadsheets that were compiled using last year's waitlist data. I don't know which is more complete/accurate. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DBFoABosUaEUvGhP_eBDiPgKIDyGWsch/view?usp=sharing uOttawa Waitlist Data (2017-2020) - Google Drive
  6. Not everyone who gets in off the Good WL will report it on this forum, so our data will underreport the number who actually get in. The 65-75 number KingCobra99 cited is an estimate based off of the numbers reported by the AFMC. Those numbers are reported here on Page 52: 2021_admission-requirements_EN.pdf (afmc.ca). Historically, the number of offers declined has been a little less than 90.
  7. Time Stamp: 9:07:06 am Result: Good waitlist GPA: 3.953 Stream: English
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