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  1. I GOT AN OFFER AT 3:18PM!! Literally shaking this is crazy. I will be accepting, I am so happy for everyone and am SO excited to meet everyone in the fall!! To those still waiting, hang in there and don't give up!!
  2. previous years show that there's another couple small waves on june ~2nd and ~8th ish (and then the sprinkle in july), so hopefully by next week we should see some more movement? don't feel guilty though, this wait is so draining it's tough to focus on anything else haha. I would love to hear other people's thoughts as well? how many more offers do you think we'll get? also again, congrats to everyone who got accepted today!!! dreams are coming true!! ya'll really did it
  3. I would think so? unless all the offers happened to go to people not on this forum. our times look pretty well rounded though
  4. I’m starting to think that too, there was movement in previous years before the two week mark though. I wonder if they’ve decided to change that this year?
  5. Does anyone have any idea how many people they put on the good and bad waitlist?
  6. I saw on **DELETED** that a couple people got a good waitlist email at 9:48 (one at 9:48:54 specifically). Do we think there is more than 2 bins?
  7. Hey guys! We're in this together, I wish we could all get in. Contributing to the data: Name: (I don't have an account so in case you need one for the spreadsheet lol) hopefulMD555 Time Stamp: 9:07:15 EST Result: Waitlist (Good) GPA: 3.94 Stream: English Year: Gap year, graduated 2020 Interview: Hard to say. In the moment I thought maybe not too bad and then afterwards I sobbed for several hours overthinking it. Some questions I felt like were okay, I think I demonstrated my empathy well in the role play, but others were tough.
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