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  1. Good luck everyone! Hopefully everyone on the spreadsheet gets in!
  2. For anyone that is trying or has sent the $1000 deposit, the package asks for your student number. Is that supposed to be the OMSAS number? Cuz I don’t have UOzone so no idea what that means. Thanks!
  3. Got in! Edit: still can’t believe it. I’m not even feeling like how I thought I would right now because it’s so unbelievable. I wanted to say I’m so excited to be all your classmates: lots of support and collaboration in this thread.
  4. Lol. Tbh A longer holdup is actually in everyone’s interests (provided the waitlist movement will be the same as previous years). It gives a longer window for other schools’ waitlist offers to go out, potentially causing some people to withdraw from this one and subsequently create more movement
  5. Every other waitlist in the country has significantly moved. Despite Ottawa having most the hyped waitlist thread in the country...I think it’s the calm before the storm though.
  6. I think in previous years there have been waves on the day of the deadline. I think the biggest wave comes out a couple of days later though.
  7. "Age, gender, race, religion and socio-economic status play no part in the selection process, unless it is specified in the criteria for designated seats."-from the FAQ Yes, bilingualism is I believe the last tiebreaker. However, it should rarely come into effect because GPA (to three decimal places) is very hard to tie. We see on the spreadsheet that a lot of people have the same GPAs. However, most are rounding it. I rounded mine.
  8. Just to add my two cents. The analysis @here4mydaughtermakes is logical and could very likely be true. However, there are some reasons for more optimism. Because the sample size between last year and this year is disparate, I have been comparing by "blocks". Last year, block 1 likely got their acceptances on May 19. Only two people reported it last year however, while 5 reported it this year (also on May 19). Block 2 last year got their offers on May 21. Only three people reported it last year, but based on what i saw from Block 1 this year, I expect at least 6 more people to get in (hopefully
  9. What's up with the top 3 people on the spreadsheet? They haven't reported anything so far. However, last year we saw that some very early time stamps were skipped initially and the gaps were filled a week after.
  10. time stamp theory looks intact so far! congrats to those who got offers!
  11. Last year, it seems the pattern was TUE and THU at least for the first few waves. Let's hope tomorrow is when people start hearing back.
  12. After looking at the data closely, I definitely think Bin 1 may be a bit larger this year. First of all, the top few people on the spreadsheet are likely part of Bin 0 (residual bin that just missed cutoff for acceptance). This was explained by someone else in the thread as a reason why there is a 3.9 and 3.92 up there. In addition, we also see a greater proportion of people in the 3.98-4.0 range as opposed to last year. Also, I'm not sure how Ottawa could possible ensure bin sizes are consistent because applicants' interview scores are probably independent of each other. However, I do a
  13. There is always that possibility that time stamps can be randomized, which is definitely a cause for uncertainty even for people at the top of the spreadsheet. However, it is assuring to see that the time stamp orders follow a pattern similar to last year (declining GPA trend and bounce back up suddenly after around 40 time stamps). If the time stamps were truly randomized, the GPAs would be a random mix with no coherent pattern.
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