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  1. Congrats to everyone who has received an offer! For those of us who are still patiently (read: painfully) waiting, I hate to be the one to ask, but what are some of your back-up plans for the next year?
  2. I can relate, I’ve been doing the same thing all morning! Trying to keep the faith...
  3. Yes, congratulations to all who have heard back, wishing you all the best!! It seems like there was a quite a bit of movement on Friday, but I’m still hopeful for Tuesday/Wednesday! Who knows? Maybe some people have decided to think about their offers over the weekend before deciding on Tuesday?
  4. Me too! I keep thinking, today will be the day, today will be the day... but then there is also a part of me that thinks it might not come until after Tuesday. Does anyone know if applicants have to commit to an offer by a specific time on Tuesday (the 2-week deadline)?
  5. Congratulations on getting in to wherever you’re headed! If you don’t mind sharing, do you think there was anything you did during that year to substantially improve your application? Or do you think it was just “the luck of the draw”?
  6. Thanks for your response. Hearing stories like this really helps keep the hope alive. Now that I know the offer might come at any time of the day, I feel slightly less guilty for constantly checking my email.. but I’m still worried it’s quickly becoming an unhealthy habit ahaha
  7. Also received my Waitlist offer this morning. Does anyone know if offers are sent at the beginning of every work day or if they’re sent automatically as soon as spaces become available?
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