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  1. 4 minutes ago, PlantZaddy said:

    I always find it interesting (and try to deduce how it could work) that waitlist offers go out for VFMP, when people who have also accepted their 2nd/3rd site preference are also waiting for VFMP spots too.... I thought they would also offer these spots first to current accepted applicants who are waiting for a preferred site before offering to folks on the waitlist, but no idea!

    Maybe there’s a different option for OOP applicants who might not want SMP if it’s not a preferred site, but would accept a VFMP spot... or if it’s a 1-for-1 offer that if someone turns down a VFMP spot on the waitlist, it goes out the next round still as a VFMP spot. 


    I was thinking about this too. I think that OOP applicants could actually be higher on the waitlist than some IP applicants who have already accepted their 2nd/3rd preference site. The this spot that was declined yesterday might now be offered to someone who has already accepted for another site but remains on the waitlist for VFMP

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