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  1. How do you get on the waitlist to be in the Calgary campus?? And I havent started yet lol
  2. Thank you! Congrats to you as well! Its always nice to have options. PT is a path I have wanted since I started my undergrad and I did so much volunteer work and working in the field as well, and I just absolutely love it. PT also has a strong emphasis on the physical body which I personally find more interesting, whereas OT focuses more on activities of daily living and emphasis the whole body (mental health as well). I also think OT is a really good choice but I personally do not have much experience with it so I am not the best person to talk to about it, but It seems like a ver
  3. Accepted at U of A OT, waitlisted U of A PT, Waitlisted at Dal PT. sGPA 3.69. Does anyone have an idea how much the U of A PT waitlist moves? Thanks!
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