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  1. Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to take the CARS again…
  2. Here’s to hoping we see significant movement this week
  3. Damn y’all scared me with these messages I also don’t see how but I sure hope so. At this point, I’ll buy everyone in this thread dinner if I get in
  4. I am done fighting when I get the class is full E-mail
  5. There will definitely be more offers sent out, but we might be waiting for a wave that isn’t coming. Not sure though, just conjecture.
  6. Yeah I am not really sure if staying optimistic is worth it at this point haha. There’s camaraderie now, so I sincerely hope one of us is made very happy today
  7. No more university for me, so I'll probably try to keep busy with research/activities for next cycle. What about you?
  8. Sure does Let’s hope there is another substantial wave tomorrow or after, but I don’t have much hope
  9. I certainly can’t keep myself from refreshing every few minutes. I hope we all hear good news by the end of today!
  10. Historically, the biggest movement happens on the day off the deadline (this coming Tuesday for us) and in the 1-2 days after. I am personally going to move on after the end of the coming week. If I hear something in June, I will be pleasantly surprised. But I do believe some movement happens in the first week of June when some waitlist offers are rejected.
  11. Mine has disappeared as well. Not really sure what it could mean, but I would agree it’s likely meaningless.
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