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  1. I received an offer at 12:35pm today! I appreciate everyone on this thread, you've helped keep me sane and I hope to see a bunch of you on the first day!
  2. Does anyone know if the "accepted" numbers include people that have accepted but will be deferring? Since we're just hearing numbers for accepted/declined offers I'm wondering if the 99 accepted offers includes deferrals.
  3. This is my first time interviewing/being waitlisted so I've never paid that much attention to admissions at this stage but I am surprised so many people accept the initial offer. My understanding was that ~90 people decline each year and if at this point only 35 have declined that means that most people offered spots off the waitlist would also decline? This is just hard to wrap my head around lol.
  4. For anyone interested heres the link to the blog post that shows at the time of waitlist offers the class was 75% full last year: https://wpsites.ucalgary.ca/mdadmissions/2020/05/26/admissions-update-may-26-2020-first-round-of-waitlist-offers-out/https://wpsites.ucalgary.ca/mdadmissions/2020/05/26/admissions-update-may-26-2020-first-round-of-waitlist-offers-out/ I agree that 188 waitlist spots is SO much. At this point there would be 163 left on the list with 36 spots available (assuming no one asked to be removed from the waitlist and those remaining 16 decline).
  5. Based on the wording I think it's total accepted offers, so that would be from the first round and anyone who accepted their offers today right away. That's just my interpretation though
  6. Those are the only ones I've heard of/seen. Wouldn't be surprised if they sent a limited amount today and will send more after the deadline for the first round of offers passes.
  7. Nope, radio silence pretty much all around. Looks like it might be tomorrow after all.
  8. The nerves are building for sure. Trying to remain somewhat chill because I know it's only the first round and I very well may not hear for a while and the deadline for first round offers to accept hasn't passed yet but it's not really working lol. Hope several of us on here get good news tomorrow!
  9. My thoughts exactly, still enough to scare me though lol
  10. **DELETED**: https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/premedcanada/comments/nf0kwf/to_whoever_just_rejected_their_u_of_c_offer_and/
  11. They said they're IP too , I looked at their profile and this is the only post/comment they've made so I guess it could be a troll? This gave me a heart attack lol
  12. This does seem high, I assumed the vast majority of declined offers would come from the first batch of offers, but maybe I'm operating on a false assumption? I do know people sometimes join the group then leave if they get in elsewhere, a friend had accepted their offer and joined the group only to get off the waitlist at Queens and ended up going there (don't think this is common though). I would also love to know where the 296 number came from that @rdk1865 posted? That seems crazy high, especially if the ~84 current acceptances is normal.
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