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  1. Hey to be completely transparent my subGPA was 3.5 because I didn’t do the best in second year. I don’t have any OT experience but have other volunteer experience with an outreach program and teaching a fitness class for older adults as well as one on one training with older adults. I’m guessing the Casper score is taken a lot into consideration for western as well as personal submissions because of my subGPA. Congratulations for McMaster and hoping you get acceptance!!(:
  2. Yes I applied to macmaster, queens and u of t but got rejected from all three sadly! This waitlist for western is giving me a little bit of hope!!
  3. I was wondering the same thing because I’m not sure? I don’t know how much hope I should have because I don’t know how many people are on the waitlist!
  4. Hi thought I would make a forum for other people who are Waitlisted for OT at western like me!!
  5. Okay I was wondering the same thing! Mine has the waitlist accepted symbol but I’m wondering if everyone has that?
  6. So did I, keep your head high!! And remember how competitive this program is, we’re still amazing students and people!
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