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  1. Got an offer off the waitlist and accepted, good luck to those that are still waiting.
  2. Thank you and all the best in the program that you accepted.
  3. Good to know the OOP waitlist is now moving. Did they call you or email you? Good luck with your other offer.
  4. “Hi, the wait is painfully difficult. I am also looking to see what happens by the end of next week (OOP). I do hope it works out for you, my friend.
  5. Thanks for letting me know that; I guess I’ll be anticipating some movement on Tuesday.
  6. Hi guys, waitlisted OOP candidate here. I only interviewed at MUN; so hoping for some good news. I know waitlisted candidates had a week to decline; is that the same for accepted candidates? @committed-premed @Ss123toy. Does anybody know of any OOP waitlist movement yet?
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