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  1. There is the class is full email. See you next year everyone
  2. haven't heard anything. it's possible that people don't use forums to post that they got in, but there are a bunch of us here so chances say at least 1 of us gets it... or at least i'm hoping
  3. I certainly hope so then, if I get in because of that, I will buy you both dinner.
  4. Second this. There will still be a couple spots in the coming ~10 days from waitlist rejections and possible deferral requests, but these will be quite sporadic compared to the wave yesterday and the small wave on Friday. If we don't see any wave today, I think the big movement might be over. McMaster has been known to send out offers until around 6:30-7pm, so it's just a waiting game until then. And yes, the deadline to accept was last night.
  5. Optimism definitely dwindling. But if 1 of us hears back today, I will sure be happy for whoever that is.
  6. i'm sure some have to go out today... but the question is when...
  7. Yeah agreed, there is definitely going to be some movement tomorrow. I think the only major wave today was between 12-1pm. Best of luck all.
  8. Wow congrats everyone so far! I guess I won't be able to only check my email twice a day now haha.
  9. I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm going to suspect it has already started moving. I'm going to check once at lunch and once at 6pm today and tomorrow, or else I'm going to be obsessed with refreshing my inbox.
  10. haven't heard anything, this wait is killing me since 1 person mentioned they got in on tuesday
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