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  1. If anything were to come, I imagine it would've been today or tomorrow, but in all likelihood the class is probably full... RIP
  2. YES VERY HELPFUL THANK YOU! Any idea if that's accounting for the waitlist offers that went out on Wednesday?
  3. Congrats to everyone that got off the waitlist! If anyone is planning on declining their waitlist offer (pretty please ), it would be great if you could let us know on this thread! Any hope is helpful!
  4. Congrats!! When's the deadline for you to accept? Also, does anyone know if they might still send out offers tomorrow? Did anyone get rejected today? Can you tell I'm anxious?
  5. The o-week website said 268 students last year as well! (I used the Wayback Machine hehe) You're probably right about it being international + dnd students, so I guess the total seat count is 268?
  6. From previous years' waitlist threads, it seems like the first round of waitlist offers usually happens 15-16 days after D-day (1-2 days after the 2 week deadline to accept or decline initial offers). If that pattern holds true for this year, we should hear back tomorrow or later this week!
  7. My last name is in the H - K range, seems like it could just be alphabetical
  8. Thank you to everyone declining! Not all heroes wear capes huh Got waitlisted at 9:52! Not sure about the separate campus waitlists, though I've seen most people say they got their WL emails at 9:52
  9. Alright, thought I'd get the ball rolling on this year's thread Anyone have any info on the UofT waitlist? Number of people that get in? Waitlist size? When we can expect to hear back? If anyone is planning on declining their offer feel free to post here as well!
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