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  1. I was offered at 9:52 as well, will also be accepting! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. Hey everyone! When do we think the next wave is gonna be? June 3rd?
  3. To everyone who got off the waitlist on Thursday, when do you have to accept the offer by? — just wondering when to expect some movement :) Also congratulations!!
  4. Congrats to everyone who got an offer— well deserved!!! To the rest of us: do we think that bin one (and hopefully a bit of bin 2) will get cleared?
  5. Do we think a lot of the offers will go out tomorrow? or like Wednesday Thursday?
  6. Thanks! I actually have rogers yahoo so I'm not sure how to see it on there!-- Im assuming i'm bin 1? my GPA doesn't seem high enough for the beginning of bin 2
  7. Posting stats for the spreadsheet!! Time Stamp (received): 9:08:07 am (created:) ?? how do i see that? Result: Good WL GPA: 3.92 Stream: English
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