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  1. I think once we get an official email after accepting they will already have one made for us to join! but i'm down to join one in the meantime / if that's not the case!
  2. Applied: PT at McMaster, Queens, U of T, WesternAccepted: McMaster Waitlisted: N/ARejected: Western, U of T, Queen'sGPA: c-gpa 3.56 and s-gpa 3.74 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I think my references and essays were both good but I don't think the CASPer went very well for me. In terms of experience, I have a good amount of PT experience from volunteering and working at various clinics and some other extra-curricular activities that demonstrate leadership, initiative, and community service. Mac only looks at s-GPA and interview though so I don't think any of those
  3. I got rejected from Western but got an acceptance into Mac PT!!!! I can't believe it! Congratulations to everyone who got in, and to those who didn't, don't lose hope! A rejection is not an indication of your self-worth!
  4. Good luck to everyone getting their results today! We have all worked so hard to get to this point!
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