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  1. I'm pretty sure all responses went out whether they were rejected, waitlisted or accepted. I could be wrong, but my understanding is they're all out because by May 29 most schools require an decision
  2. This will be so helpful when I reapply next year!! sGPA: 3.78 cGPA: 3.77 # of times applied: 1 (this year) Schools: Western (waitlisted), UofT (waitlisted), Mcmaster (rejected prior to interviews), Queens (rejected) Hours of experience: I have an OTA/PTA diploma so I have 4 placements in hospital, clinic and LTC (2 - 2 week & 2 - 4 week), I volunteered in outreach with individuals in all stages of Alzheimer's & dementia (10 months, once a week) as well as in a mental health facility (4 months, once a week) - these aren't directly related to OT but I tried t
  3. I wish I had the requirements for SLP, it sounds like such an amazing profession but I had my heart set on OT and my undergrad being only 3 years I didn't have much leeway. Either one you choose will be absolutely amazing, they're both great professions! I hope someone on here can help you out or give you any direction because I wouldn't be 100% sure either!
  4. I got waitlisted at Western & Toronto, my sub-gpa was a 3.77 and I have previous experience within my OTA/PTA diploma, I also volunteered with two different places (not OT related but with Alzheimer's disease and dementia out reach programs as well as a mental health program) and have a reference letter from an OT who taught me in college. I'm nervous to ask what my spot is and debating on just waiting to see if it happens it does, if it doesn't then it doesn't. I got rejected from Queens and McMaster (before the interviews). I'm hopeful for one of the waitlist spots but like you all I hav
  5. Me as well, waitlisted for western and toronto!! Anyone know from previous years how waitlisting was? did you ever move from the list? I'm not very hopeful because I have no idea how many people they waitlist but its still giving me slight hope!!
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