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  1. Okay thank you! On Monday she said the class wasn't full yet and they were at #38 so I thought maybe I'd hear from them today but it's not looking like it :/ oh well it was far fetched hahaha
  2. Just making this for anyone who has updates on the Mac pt waitlist movement to share
  3. 42…. I’m not actually expecting to get in but holding onto a sliver of hope - I remember you saying you were mid 30’s right? Let me know if you hear! Would be nice to at least know where they are in the list…
  4. I have always seen u of t as the gold standard. I am waitlisted at Mac tho, so I may be biased a good friend of mine was choosing between Mac and u of t and she ended up choosing u of t due to the array of placements they can offer that Mac cant really compare with. Also some put Mac as their last choice due to its self directed learning in some courses whereas u of t teaches you - that is her advice. Best of luck!
  5. I am assuming they would send two bulks of offers - one yesterday and one after June 7th when firm acceptances have to be submitted.
  6. I’m 42….I’m not holding onto hope but I hate the anticipation! Would rather just know for sure I’m not getting in lol. I asked a friend who’s there now what the movement was like last year but she had no idea - Mac is the only school I can’t find anything on about their pt WL movement :/
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