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  1. Hi, I got accepted to Queens. U of T is my first choice (since I can save some rent living with my parents). I'm still quite confused with the way U of T's waiting list moving works, I could get it wrong but if they only start acting on the waiting list after the firm acceptance deadline I probably won't take the risk and just accept the offer from Queens.
  2. Hi everyone. I am waitlisted at U of T for the OT program, the email they sent me said that " we anticipate that we will be able to act on the waiting list by mid-June", does that means U of T are not moving the waiting list and sending offer before Mid-June? Since any provisional acceptances become firm acceptance for OT program on June 6, does that mean if I accept the offer from another Ontario school I would be removed from the waiting list of U of T 's before they start acting on it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Yes. But the waitlist email I got from U of T said they will act on the waiting list by mid-June, which passed the provisional to firm acceptance deadline (June 6 written on ORPAS), so I am kind of worried if that would work, not sure about other Ontario universities.
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