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  1. Hello everyone. I am going to be starting OT at UofT (Mississauga campus). I wanted to see if anybody else would be interested in finding a rental space together? From what I could find the rental market there is pretty limited. Or if anyone knows of any reputable resources for finding rentals that would be appreciated thanks!
  2. Interesting- perhaps this is why so many placements are complete out of province. It would definitely be a positive to be doing experience with potential future employers in Toronto with their increased job opportunities! Hopefully if I decline UofA this will get you off the waitlist! Good luck
  3. ooo good to know, thank you! I've been trying to find out about its quality but hadn't found anything too helpful. If you have any further details to share regarding your colleagues experience with the not-so-up-to-date curriculum I would be very appreciative! One thing that worries me is the UofA placements being out of the Edmonton area and having the fund that out of pocket. I suppose UofT would be a lot better in this regard!
  4. Hi all, I wanted to ask if anyone has any insights/opinions on the OT program at UofA vs UofT- pros/cons of fieldwork placement, area, professors, career outlook etc. I'm trying to make a decision but finding it difficult! Congrats to all and good luck
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