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  1. 3 minutes ago, ot_lea2021 said:

    I’m only planning to study at U of A (if I manage to get off the waitlist) so that I can study without paying rent (I plan to live with my parents). Afterwards, I’m planning on moving the hell out of Alberta for either BC or Ontario. There are no jobs for OTs and the likelihood of it getting better is not good. The Alberta economy has completely tanked with the oil/gas recession, and with it, funding for healthcare. I have not heard good things from current OTs that live here (many of which are planning on moving). Although the cost of living is more elsewhere, there are many more opportunities in healthcare and in the OT field in other provinces.  

    Interesting- perhaps this is why so many placements are complete out of province. It would definitely be a positive to be doing experience with potential future employers in Toronto with their increased job opportunities! Hopefully if I decline UofA this will get you off the waitlist! Good luck :) 

  2. 2 minutes ago, TRtoOT said:

    I’m working on a research team right now with a post-doc fellow who went back for her OT degree. Shes about to graduate from UofA’s OT program and shared that their curriculum is not as up to date to Ontario programs. She said she wouldn’t recommend it (so I didn’t apply). Also, UofT will likely have richer placements as there are many Toronto hospitals and clinical settings to do placements in. Just my 2 cents :) 

    ooo good to know, thank you! I've been trying to find out about its quality but hadn't found anything too helpful. If you have any further details to share regarding your colleagues experience with the not-so-up-to-date curriculum I would be very appreciative! 

    One thing that worries me is the UofA placements being out of the Edmonton area and having the fund that out of pocket. I suppose UofT would be a lot better in this regard!



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