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  1. I appreciated the Q&A opportunity! Frankly, compared to McMaster’s Applicant Cafe, I felt much more interested and inspired by their sense of camaraderie and community. I also got the sense that UofT is best if you want to work in Toronto long-term. Since I’m open to working outside of Toronto, I don’t feel UofT’s curriculum is necessarily superior to McMaster in terms of research. Right now, I’m debating just UofT and McMaster, less so Queen’s. Thanks for reading my long thoughts. Happy to hear yours!
  2. I’m also mainly deciding between UofT and Mac! Not really Queen’s because I’ve heard their curriculum is not as up-to-date at least in terms of innovating the field. For example, UofT encourages LEAP placements where OTs don’t traditionally work and I believe Mac also does the same (through what they shared at their cafe-open house). Queen’s program is more the traditional work-in-hospitals route which is just a little less appealing to me. I’m from GTA area so Hamilton just has the appeal of novelty to me whereas I do think UofT would afford “superior” placements. I think I’m 60-40% for UofT
  3. I'm deciding between UofT and McMaster with considerations to the international opportunities! I also got into Queen's (not really considering) and got waitlisted to Western. This is what I found for international opportunities at Mac - https://healthsci.mcmaster.ca/docs/librariesprovider128/handbooks/clinical-education-handbook-2020-21.pdf (p. 67) Though I can't see where the placements actually are
  4. Applied: [All OT] - UofT, McMaster, Queen's, WesternAccepted: UofT, McMaster, Queen'sWaitlisted: WesternRejected:GPA: c-gpa: 3.89 and s-gpa: 3.91Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Strong essays I think (I did a 5-year undergrad in Therapeutic Recreation at Waterloo with co-op, had 4 hospital placements in areas like dementia care, specialized mental health and palliative care where I got to shadow OTs) Strong references (academic reference from my TR professor who oversaw my placements; professional reference from my palliative care co-op supervisor) I didn
  5. Good question! I actually have no idea right now. Planning to look into it in the next week
  6. Score! Free money never hurt nobody My sGPA was 3.91. Do you mind my asking the amount of the scholarship? How it was worded? My next steps are to look into scholarships as I choose from Mac, UofT, and Queen’s!
  7. I’m working on a research team right now with a post-doc fellow who went back for her OT degree. She’s about to graduate from UofA’s OT program and shared that their curriculum is not as up-to-date to Ontario programs. She said she wouldn’t recommend it (so I didn’t apply). Also, UofT will likely have richer placements as there are many Toronto hospitals and clinical settings to do placements in. Just my 2 cents
  8. Congrats! Would you be open to sharing more about this? I got into Mac but my PDF made no mention of any scholarship. Do you know if it was based on your average?
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