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  1. For those who got accepted/waitlisted into Western or Queens PT, I would appreciate if I could have some insights on how you wrote your essays. I got rejected from Western and Queens, but waitlisted into U of T after CAP. I know that my sGPA is not at the high end (3.83), but I am assuming my approach to supplementary essays was also a problem. Was there a specific structure that you guys followed when writing those essays? Did you guys get feedback from someone? Any help would be appreciated in case I have to reapply next year!
  2. Congrats to Everyone who got accepted! I got an email this morning from U of T (PT) that I'm on the waitlist. Got rejected from Western and Queens with sGPA 3.83. I have no choice but to wait for their call. Not sure if U of T has a big pool of waitlisted people tho Fingers crossed!
  3. Rejected from Western, and Not hearing anything from UT and Queens (both ORPAS and email) stressssssss
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