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  1. Hey! I spoke to a couple upper years who said that they are waiting for the official list in June and then will make a group and invite us to it! I believe it’s going to be mixed model with labs in person. For sure for the second term, not 100% sure for the first one. I’m moving either way!
  2. Congratulations!! I accepted my offer as well!! I’d be happy to connect with you. Probably not as a roommate because I have some pets and will have to live alone lol but if you want a friend nearby!!
  3. Honestly I’m nervous to post this. I’ve seen the stats of so many brilliant people here and feel like I’m not quite up to par. BUT I wanted to share my stats for anyone who might feel like me, like they aren’t good enough, and hopefully it’ll help give someone some inspiration and confidence to apply next year! sGPA: 3.72 cGPA: 3.36 #of times you applied: first time applying Schools you applied to and their responses: Western, Mac, UofT and Queens Accepted into Western!! Rejections for the rest! Hours of experience: 0 To be honest I didn’t know too much abou
  4. Thanks so much! Congratulations to you too!! Mostly for Westerns pedagogy! I’ve spent a few years studying experiential learning theory and I love Westerns emphasis on it! Location definitely was a factor too as it’s much closer to where I’m from!
  5. Hi everyone! I’m so excited! I got into my first choice school OT- Western!! (Rejected from uofT and Mac - no response from queens) Does anyone know if the program is full time/if you’re able to work during it? Or does anyone know if the field placements are paid?
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