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  1. Personally, the requirement for certain pre-requisites took me out of the running as my undergrad was not in a science-related field. I am in the same boat for French though with French immersion. Some questions for you: - Did you do a French test or did you just say you were French Immerision? - Is the course taught in French?
  2. I have an interview today with a British school for MSc OT, but I really don't know much about it, other than the tuition will be more than twice as much when you factor in international fees and the exchange rate. I would appreciate any thoughts or advice as well.
  3. I would be very curious as well. I was added to the waitlist for OT on May 6th. I know they were behind last year but I'm hoping that was an early add. I asked them if they could tell me spot on the waitlist and they said they were not able to. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a sense of my odds.
  4. This is my question as well regarding Queen's. Also, does anybody knows any details on the McGill OT waitlist movement in past years? I have been added to their waitlist, however, I asked them my position or tier position and they replied that they do not disclose this information.
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