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  1. Would you mind telling me if you were a Ontario applicant? Im on the Quebec side on waiting list.
  2. Hey guys would be cool to get in touch with some of my fall 2021 collegues. Let me know if anyone is interested!
  3. Hey did you have to pay for parking at the clinicals/hospitals. Thanks!
  4. Sorry for the bombardment of questions. May I ask what area of expertise you ended up finding employment in within OT? Congrats btw!
  5. Awesome thanks for the info! Also how many classes do you generally have epr semester? Do you have clinical throughout or only at the end? Sucks they don't have a template of how they break up courses. Finally would you think it's possible to work part time with the course load? Thanks again! This information is soo helpful! I hope you find good employment going in the field! Seems like prospects are good
  6. Hi! Just got accepted into Uottawa OT! My French writing wasn't great buy I'm strong in the rest. Working on getting better on my writing this summer. Any tips for a newbie? I'm graduating from kin Uottawa. Most of my experience was in PT so I'm still discovering things about this field. Seems like you help people a lot and I'm sure I'll love the diversity. I like how mental and physical health is considered. Worried about finding placements with Covid. I'm a 29/M applicant. Is it true it's all women? Also is it all online? Thanks!!
  7. Ah ok! I got an email a couple of weeks ago to do a "mieux ecrire en francais course" as a recommendation because my written french was weak. Congrats though!
  8. Did you have to take a french exam? I didnt do that well on the written so right now i hae to take a recommended french course.
  9. When did you get your response for Uottawa PT? Im still under evaluation but got a response for OT.
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