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  1. I just got off the waitlist! Regina site. Result: waitlisted (1st quartile, then accepted) Gpa: 87% Mcat: 505 Degree: UG Interview: went well I thought, except 1 question was not good
  2. Do they send out final rejections by a certain date? Sorry for the pessimistic post, I'm starting to lose hope at this point...
  3. I wish they could send emails earlier in the day. They seem to send out emails between 2 & 4:30pm, so I'm jumping at every email I get before then... Hopefully the update tomorrow is helpful and some of us get off the waitlist !!
  4. They should include that in this Friday's update I believe, which quartile they are offering spots to from the waitlist, that is. Doesn't make it easier or change the outcome, but they should update us in some capacity tomorrow. That is very tough though. Fingers crossed for us all.
  5. I haven't heard anything, I'm in the 1st quartile. The FB group has 90 members now so there has been a bit of movement, but I am thinking they may start sending them in weekly waves on Fridays? I'm really not sure though, their last email on the 21st was ambiguous to me. Fingers crossed for us all though, what an excruciating wait!
  6. Yeah the FB group is at https://www.facebook.com/groups/3909096915812786 . There are 84 people in the group atm, but 2 are administrators. It sure makes it hard to peacefully enjoy the long weekend, but try to relax a bit. We'll all be able to make some more solid plans in the next couple of weeks! Good luck everyone
  7. Hey everyone, I know the wait sucks but make sure to take care of yourselves this long weekend! Crossing my fingers for us all. Take it easy on yourselves.
  8. Really hoping that there is some kind of good news tomorrow with the weekly update they are sending out (not sure if that is tomorrow, but I assume it is).
  9. Congrats HowlerMD & A1999!! Hopefully some of us waitlisters join you soon...
  10. Has anybody emailed to ask about where exactly they sit on the waitlist? I know I'm in the first quartile (IP) but I'm not sure how many people are above/below me. I don't want to email them if that's already been done by somebody else, with no success. I suppose it doesn't help much to know anyways, but I'm just going crazy waiting/worrying.
  11. I'm confused about the Wait-list email. Can anybody clarify? It says: "The Admissions Office will provide applicants on the wait-list with weekly updates regarding the status of the wait-list and which quartile offers are being made in." Does this mean that people that are currently waitlisted won't see any movement until this Friday? Also, does anybody know when the deadline to accept is? I saw an older post that had an IP applicant getting off the waitlist as late as July 13, but that's an extreme. Most were by June 4/5, it seemed.
  12. Wait, so you were on the waitlist this year and now you're ALREADY got off of it?? Congrats!
  13. HALP, how do you reckon there are ~30 people ahead? I have no idea how many are on the waitlist, so am genuinely curious
  14. When is the deadline to accept? Does it say in the acceptance emails, for those of you that were accepted? I cannot seem to find record of the date elsewhere.
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