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  1. Thanks! Would you be able to see what day of the week she replied on? I want to convince myself that she might only be monitoring her email on certain days.
  2. Has anyone been able to contact any admissions coordinator about their offer from Western? I havn't heard back from the contact stated on the letter and was wondering if anyone else was in the same boat. Thanks,
  3. I havn't been able to find one yet. The faculty hasn't confirmed if the program is going to be in person for the year yet, are you planning on moving to London regardless of the situation? Does anyone know if the program the past year was through virtual learning?
  4. Hey! I just got accepted to Western for OT, would you happen to know about the class / lab situation is with the OT program? Is everything still done in a class room setting or is there an option for distanced based learning? Thanks!
  5. Got accepted at Western OT. Does anyone know if there is a facebook page for Western OT? Thanks
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