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  1. Hi everyone. I am still deciding but am looking for clarification on when Western's OT offer needs a response. The letter states 5 business days (which would mean by end of business day Thursday - tomorrow they want an answer) but the ORPAS website says the offer is good until May 29th. I am wondering if any of you guys know when we need to respond by? I contacted the admissions at UWO a few days ago through email but no response, and they are not taking calls now. Thanks!
  2. Honestly, I think I must have done pretty well on the CASPER. I have a 3.79 sub-gpa (HBSc in Cognitive Sciences and minor in Neuroscience). No direct OT experience. I have volunteered plenty in research settings related to clinical psychology, psychiatry and completed a project in applied cognitive neuroscience. I have experience with children through coaching soccer, teaching dance, and coordinating a helmet safety awareness program. I also coordinated a program for continued education for adults with a range of developmental disabilities. Now I am working as a developmental support worker.
  3. Hi everyone! I declined my offer from Toronto for OT. I am deciding between OT at Western or instead doing Speech-Language Pathology at Western. I love both fields and am struggling with deciding between the two. Is anyone in a similar situation, or does anyone have any insight or helpful tips? Would love to hear from you
  4. This sounds like a difficult decision but both options sound great! To me it sounds like the main difference might be patient/client interactions, and so making the choice would depend on what your long term goals in relation to that would be, but I guess even that depends on the type of research that you're doing. There is potential for you to re-apply and start the program later if you decide in a couple years that you would still like to do it. Wish I could be more helpful! Good luck deciding!
  5. Hi everyone! Thought I'd share my information for anyone who is interested. Applied: All OT - UofT, Western, and McMasterAccepted: UofT, WesternWaitlisted: /Rejected: McMasterGPA: sub-gpa 3.80Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: My first time applying. No interviews. I think the CASPer likely went well. I have no direct OT experience. Plenty of research experience related to clinical psychology and psychiatry, also with an honours thesis in cognitive neuroscience. Experience coaching children soccer and teaching dance. Coordinated two programs - one for promoting ch
  6. Is there a facebook group to join to Western (OT)? I might've missed it but I couldn't find any yet
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