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  1. Hi everyone! I am going to McMaster in the fall for OT. Is anyone in need of a female roommate? I would absolutely love to live with other grad students Let me know!
  2. It was the same for me and the other person who posted about getting off the OT waitlist, I have until June 3rd at 9am to accept! Good luck!
  3. Just got off the McMaster waitlist at 8:30am! I was #6 on the list. Will be accepting the offer! I'm hoping it moves for you!
  4. Is there anyone here who was accepted off the McMaster OT waitlist in the past, and what number were you? Curious about how much the waitlist usually moves. Thanks
  5. I am #6 on the waitlist at Mac for OT. Does anyone know if the waitlist usually moves a lot? I know this year there were many more applicants than usual so don't want to get my hopes up too high. Thanks
  6. Thank you So I think my experience is really what is lacking. Congrats on your acceptances!!
  7. Hi everyone, I was rejected from Queen's and U of T with a SGPA of 3.89 and a CGPA of 3.86. I am no. 6 on McMaster's waitlist. Does anyone know how many people usually are accepted off the waitlist? I'm very hopeful. Also, for those who were accepted, what was your SGPA and what experiences do you have? I read that they would not prioritize people from science backgrounds, but I have an undergrad and master's in music performance and was not accepted. Thanks! :)
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