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  1. I accepted my offer to Queens (OT) and declined my offers from McMaster (OT) and UofT (OT). Hope this helps those on either waitlist!
  2. Do you know of anyone who has done it during COVID? I am just worried how this approach might translate if classes are still mostly online.
  3. Applied (OT): McMaster, Queens, Wester, UofT Accepted: Queens, UofT, McMasterWaitlisted:Rejected: Western c-gpa: 3.86 and s-gpa: 3.89 I think I wrote strong essays which helped for UofT and Queens. For the trends in OT, I discussed how OT's can work with transgender individuals for certain aspects of their social and medical transition, which although is not a common "trend", I think it was creative and maybe stood out. One of my references came from my time studying abroad which also brought a unique perspective. I have no OT experience but I volunteered with Children's Aid Society
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