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  1. Program: MD Result: INVITE!!!! Timestamp: 1:02pm EST OMSAS GPA: 3.82 CARS: 130 IP/OOP: IP Casper: 4Q I'm freaking out! I gave up hope that they were coming out today and logged onto my email for class and then proceeded to actually jump for joy!
  2. When you're still holding on to hope that they'll send them today...
  3. The Mcmaster class of 2023 stats indicated that 19 students were accepted with GPAs in the 3.70-3.79 range, this is out of 204 seats. Wishing you the best of luck!
  4. So according to their class of 2023 statistics only 4 people were accepted with CARS scores of 123-125, but you never know. Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. 3.82 OMSAS cGPA 130 CARS 4th Quartile CASPer IP I know my gpa is a little on the low end but does this seem feasible for Mac?
  6. "MCAT-Due to the large volume of applications submitted we will be verifying MCAT scores throughout the month of October. If you have released your scores via the AAMC-MCAT website to Dalhousie and have received confirmation from AAMC-MCAT please consider this proof that Dalhousie has received your results." That is what Dal sent me when I emailed them before it was verified on the portal.
  7. OOP here, mine has been verified since the 12th, but it's important to note that Dal did officially say they were verifying THROUGHOUT October, so I'm not sure if being unverified at this point is a major red flag. I would recommend emailing Dal for posterity though if you are unsure and worried. Also apparently being unverified on the official portal is meaningless, according to this forum from years passed some people have been accepted without their MCAT being stated as verified on the portal (that being said they did send it to Dal and AAMC said that the scores had been released).
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