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  1. I would really like to become a clinician scientist, and my lab has some promising research to conduct in the near future that I would love to be a part of. I have worked in my current lab for 3 years as an UG student and MSc. student and do not want to lose the research aspect of my learning! I understand that the program at U of S is not as prominent as other schools, but this is where I want to pursue medicine and research, so I am willing to put in the time!
  2. Hi all, I am currently in a Regina placement for MD c2025 (second choice). I am finishing my MSc. in Saskatoon and have been living here continuously for 4 years. I plan on doing an MD/PhD with my current supervisor, but as it sits right now I would have to: complete UGME 1 in Saskatoon, do research the entire summer in Saskatoon, move to Regina for UGME 2, then back to Saskatoon for 3yrs PhD, then back to Regina for Clerkship. Does anybody know if this would count as an extenuating circumstance for being able to switch sites to the Saskatoon placement? Thanks!
  3. Result - Waitlisted (1st Quartile), then offer to Regina Campus (2nd choice) GPA - Mid-high 80s (86 or 87 I think for UG, but mid 90s for MSc.) MCAT - 512 Location - IP 2x applicant (waitlisted last year as well). UG Honours PHPY from USASK, MSc. from USASK. Interview - thought 5/6 stations went very well, with one going OK. Hoping that enough people with Saskatoon offers decline because I am planning on pursuing an MD-PhD, which would not go as smoothly with moving back and forth between Saskatoon and Regina! Best of luck to all people still on the waitlist,
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