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  1. I think it makes as difference to have 4 years. For medical school, 7 weeks and makes a difference!! Also, it's more time for content knowledge to sink it which unquestionably makes a difference Summers at 4-year schools are a chance to unwind but also an excellent opportunity to get even more involved in a number of research or other med-related experiences, clinical experiences etc. Based on the CVs I have seen, those additional chunks of experiences really embellish CVs and help students really get well-rounded and cultivate passions. Also, COVID has affected educa
  2. This is such an interesting discussion, thanks to everyone for providing your insights! - Mac doesn't have "break time" and so, this could be tiring on various levels (mentally, physically etc) - Students need to pack in 4 years worth of experience (clinical, research, extra curricular) into 3 years - Less time for exploration of specialties. 4 year programs provide more time for specialty exploration, research, and clinical opportunities-- that 4 year program is going to bolster residency applications - There's going to be an online component this year and with a 3 year progr
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