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  1. Anyone else told they are on the bottom half of the OOP waitlist for uofa ? I'm told I am on currently on the bottom half out of 20 ppl, so somewhere between 10-20 I suppose. I'm not sure how much movement takes place between now and the end of summer but still staying hopeful and positive!
  2. I was told I am on the bottom half out of 30 people. So I'm somewhere between 15-30. I'm not sure how many OOP decline, but hoping it passes 15!:)
  3. Anyone else also on the out-of-province waitlist for UofA PT? I'm hoping there's a lot of movement. Apparently the OOP waitlist is much shorter than the IP list
  4. yeah, for UofA PT. I know, it does seem odd. It's possible that the waitlist was at 50 on the 7th, and then went down to 30 in just over a week later, but that would mean 20 ppl got off the waitlist in just over a week which is so many. If this is true, then it seems likely that another 20-30 ppl could get off the waitlist in the next couple to few weeks, which is almost everyone on the waitlist if it did start at 50
  5. Does anyone know how many people in total are on the waiting list?
  6. Oh okay, I got an email giving me a general position on the waitlist out of a list of aprox 30 names. Maybe they are using these numbers to give an indication of where we are on the waiting list without disclosing the total number of people on the waitlist? I'm just confused why we were given a different list length
  7. What day did they reply to tell you where you are on the waitlist? They got back to me a couple days ago.
  8. Does anyone know how many people aprox are on the UofA PT waitlist? Around 150 from what I've read on a previous post in this forum, but I`m wondering if that's right. Seems like a lot but apparently there's normally quite a bit of waitlist movement.
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