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  1. was wondering if anyone else had to make a decision between ubc pt and uoft pt? and what factors led to ur decision?
  2. Applied: UofT, UofA (OOP), UBC (IP), Western, Mac (ALL PT)Accepted: UBC, UofT, UofA edmonton campus, MacWaitlisted: Western (middle section)Rejected: GPA: cgpa 3.87 (if I recall correctly), sgpa 3.93 (maybe 3.92) (ORPAS SCALE)Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: BC resident!!!! Was my second time applying to UBC and first time applying to the rest of the schools I think my casper went well and MMI's went really well (I did practice quite a bit) I am thankful for the offers but have decided on UBC and will be declining my other offers so there will be movement on
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