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  1. Just got off the Western Pt waitlist!!! I will most likely declining McGill and Queens. Best of luck to those on the waitlists!
  2. Waitlist is starting to move! I got an email an hour ish ago. Good luck everyone!
  3. Hi! Congrats on the acceptance! I was also in a similar spot and overthinking it until I received an email this morning "The nomination to GPS is primarily an administrative procedure where they verify that you have fulfilled all of the requisites for admission to a graduate program at McGill " The email also said to check UApply incase anything does come up but they look forward to meeting in the fall. I take that as we've been accepted and dont need a backup option!
  4. Congrats on the acceptances!! I have heard that both schools are trying to diversify their student bodies! I was looking back at old forums and A western PT student posted that Western has a strong ortho program, rehab culture in London favours physios (MSK) and that the biggest con to the program is the heavy emphasis on MSK! A Queens PT student mentioned how tight knit of a community the program is and that they dive into CR/Neuro after the first semester of MSK.
  5. Does anyone know if "Upper third" is the #1-65 ranked on the waitlist or the #130-200. I saw in the 2019 forum people were getting calls from the lower third in mid june
  6. Hey! Congrats to all accepted to western and those who made the waitlist! I saw other programs have a thread for those placed on the waitlist and wanted to start one Western MPT. It would be super helpful too if those that accepted another school could also let us know, just to have an idea of waitlist movement! Best of luck to everyone waitlisted or accepted!!
  7. Congrats on the acceptances!! I have heard that UofT undergrad is very competitive and not the best environment but at the Grad level it is completely different!! (mainly since no one is competing to get the highest grades to get into grad school)
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