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  1. Hey fellow waitlisters! I want to share great news!! I finally accepted the reality that I may not get accepted this cycle. I have started to accept and appreciate the many exciting opportunities that are right in front of me. I've been in school for the past 20 years, it's pretty much all I have known. For the first time in a long time, I am excited to see what the world looks like beyond school. These realizations and self-reflection have allowed me to come to the decision that I will not be attending UBC Med this fall. For those interested, my goals are 1) become filthy rich
  2. Also on Waitlist and 9:10:39 I wonder if it has something to do with application submission time. I speculate there is a master list of all applicants ordered by their submission date/time? uOttawa is very transparent with their applicants on waitlist (good waitlist, normal, ....) and their communications seem to be based on waitlist rank.
  3. Hey fellow waitlisters. I'm still here with you! Keep the faith. TIme is already flying, it's June 1st, weather is super! I'm ready to enjoy life while still young!! Ready to go to the MOON!!
  4. I want to shoot them an email but my chances are slim to none so I haven't had the energy to email them. For whatever reason, they opened the applications before announcing offers so I suspect they have to sift through and evaluate many applications from the interviewed population. Who knows how many of those applicants actually received an offer. Every scholarship I've applied to has had a notice of award date. It's common sense!!!!
  5. Thanks for confirming @Fast_Layne ! I suppose the numbers from AFMC cannot be trusted 100%.
  6. Agreed, mismanaging is not the right word. Nevertheless, a lack of transparency in the nuances of the admissions process definitely leaves a sour taste for many applicants. It also facilitates mistrust and loss of confidence in the integrity of the process. If enough applicants voice their concerns, UBC and other schools will have to make the process more transparent and less uncertain for applicants. It's a clear win-win scenario .
  7. That continues to puzzle me as well. I dug a bit deeper into the AFMC publication. Apparently, the statistics collected from last year by the AFMC was conducted on February 2021 (right around the time applicants were being interviewed for this cycle). So it is a bit perplexing why UBC had a class size of 287 as of this date. The simple answer is that when it was all said and done, UBC mismanaged their waitlists and left a deserving applicant on the list when there was room available in the class. Your question about the deferred applicants is also a mystery to me. My immediate thought
  8. Here to join this group of wonderful people. Just want to say the lack of transparency by UBC re: waitlist and frankly the entire application process is quite disheartening. I'm sure we would all want to know our rank on the waitlist so that we can make informed decisions about our future plans. Can someone with a wrinkled brain please explain to me UBC's rationale? "Unfortunately, we cannot tell you exactly where you are placed on the waitlist [why...?] We regret any uncertainty this may cause." I recently graduated so I've got a lot of time. Fellow waitlisters, I will try my bes
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