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  1. Wondering what your thoughts are: Would it be easier to match to BC from an Ontario school or to any Ontario school from UBC? Or would it be similar?
  2. For any current med students in UBC, could you share your perspectives on what you like and dislike about your experience at UBC? And why you would (or wouldn't) suggest someone to choose it?
  3. Hi! I am deciding between offers from UBC IMP program and OttawaU. So, just wondering if there are any UBC IMP students that could give insight into their experience on: 1. Elective opportunities in specialties other than family med (ex. ob/gyn, plastics, derm)? Would these electives still be accessible on the island or would we need to travel to Vancouver? 2. Fitting in in the island after moving from OOP or elsewhere in BC? 3. CaRMS match to regions outside of the island after graduation? 4. Living on the island as a POC? And just any other opinions (positive or nega
  4. Hi, I'm an incoming medical student from Ontario, I recently got offers to UBC and OttawaU. I'm just wondering how much more difficult it would be to match for residency back in Ontario if I go to UBC (are there additional requirements re. college licensing? etc.)? Also, will being from Ontario originally be a disadvantage for matching in BC if I go to UBC for medical school? Would appreciate any advice or guidance from those who have gone through the process and know much more than I do! Thanks
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