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  1. Nope, still patiently waiting. Might email Kelly sometime next week asking for an update.
  2. Wondering the same thing for Dal OT. I know decisions only got released a few weeks back but hoping some movement on the waitlist occurs.
  3. I guess you were right. I just got an email saying I was placed on the waitlist. Here's hoping for some solid movement on the waitlist.
  4. Has any other OOP applicants still not heard from Dal OT? The end of May is drawing very close so starting to lose hope lol
  5. Wow. That is a near perfect GPA! I still have yet to hear of any OOP being accepted yet so hopefully a lot of waitlist applicants get some good news soon.
  6. Congrats! Im an OOP still waiting to hear back. My friends who were previously in the program said 50% of their cohort was initially put on the waitlist. I have not yet heard of any OOP getting a straight acceptance, and even so I'd assume a lot of the Ontario students who have already been accepted would decline an upcoming offer for Dal OT.
  7. Damn that's a great GPA! I hope I can join you on the waitlist soon aha. I don't think I've heard any OOP applicants who have been directly accepted into the program yet. Fingers crossed for all of us!
  8. Congrats! I have friends who are in the program who only heard back in the third week of May so I've been trying to remain hopeful! Do you mind sharing your gpa? I'm from Ontario with a 3.82 sgpa.
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