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  1. I am with you!! Can I ask where you are on the waitlist? I'm getting incredibly stressed out with the minimal movement so far
  2. Thank you! And yes I believe that the wait list is likely broken down into those sections. I hope this year yields the same amount of people too!
  3. Hi all! Congratulations to those of you who have already received acceptances from school's for OT. I am wondering if any people on this forum will be declining offers to U of A OT now that Ontario schools have released their acceptances? U of A is my top choice school and as I have been waitlisted I am just crossing my fingers for movement! Thanks in advance
  4. I got the same email this morning - the wait and worrying is so tough! I’m crossing my fingers that there is enough movement to start admitting people in the middle. It’s been my dream to go into OT for years as I’m sure it has been for everyone else. Here’s to hoping we get admitted!
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