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  1. GPA: 3.99 CARS: 129 Interview feel: didn't do the synchronous one at all so idrk how that went for most people. My asynchronous one didn't feel the greatest but it also didn't feel like a total disaster either. I felt like I gave an acceptable answer for most of them, burned out a bit at the end, but didn't ever say anything that was blatantly a red flag I guess.
  2. Just received my offer for Hamilton campus, timestamp 12:15. Will 99% be accepting. Best of luck everyone, you guys got this. If anyone's feeling anxious and wants to vent my dms are always open I've been checking this thread like 4 times every day at least so ik the feel of being chronically stressed ab this lol
  3. Adding stats for spreadsheet (mb for lateness lol) Time Stamp: 9:09:24 Result: good waitlist GPA: 3.99 Stream: English Not sure if the WL will even make it down this far (I think it has in past years before, but this year's Bin 1 seems so long ), but fingers crossed!
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