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  1. I think so, but apparently people can get extensions too if they’re waitlisted for another school or if they’re waiting to see whether deferrals are approved, etc.
  2. I see what you mean, it could definitely be rolling admissions with people waiting for the deadline and letting the offer lapse, that does seem likely
  3. It’s got to be that not everyone who’s been admitted and accepting a spot have joined the Facebook group, right? That being said it’s really hard to figure out how many are in each tier, how many spots are taken, etc. It seems like from past years Tier 2 didn’t hear until June, some well into June or even July. As it seems that everyone who posted about being admitted from Tier 1 said they got in after the 5 business day mark from May 13, do we think they’re sending out a round of offers after every 5 business days?
  4. I’m with you there, could be an exceptional year! It’s extremely difficult to see how the impacts of COVID-19 and online interviews might play out on waitlist movement (the same applicants getting many acceptances nationwide?) - so far all indications seem to be promising!
  5. It does seem this way, but hard to know for sure! I don’t think it’s unrealistic for Tier 2 to expect to begin to hear in the next week, especially when looking back relative to the last few cycles and when Tier 1 was having this much action! Anyways… congratulations to those who have got in off of Tier 1 so far! This is a huge accomplishment! And to those in Tier 2, fingers crossed to hear back soon!
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