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  1. Thanks! we must be pretty close to each other but who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ waiting game is so tough
  2. I did! They said “Waitlist movement has been moderate in comparison to last year” :’(
  3. i’ve been stalking the “U of A OT 2023” facebook page and there’s around 50 only so i’m guessing it’s not full but can’t say for sure :3
  4. if you are obsessively checking this forum, u are not alone lol. praying more waitlist folk hear this week (me)
  5. so so happy for you! congrats!! im on this waitlist currently mind if i ask your GPA? want to see if it’s moving closer to mine haha. I’ll be moving since I live in BC..
  6. congrats to those off the waitlist!!! i haven’t heard anything but they did tell me i was at the top. wondering when the next chunk acceptances will be out :-) my GPA is 3.71 so i might be at the lower end of the top of the list?!
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