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  1. so what's the deal with NDs? lots of people i knew were "pre-meds" but are now going to ND school. what's the job prospect like, is it a good and comparable alternative to medicine in terms of autonomy, ability to prescribe, income/overhead, regulated by government/federal funding/OHIP?
  2. A classmate was just accepted last Monday. I feel like they are probably the last one, but who knows. Classes start for us on the 23rd.
  3. hey guys, school starts in a few weeks and we don't have any info regarding class schedules and its making me antsy (lol SO SORRY!!). wondering if anyone can explain or give insight on how a typical week is in first year at schulich + a daily breakdown? thank you soooo much.
  4. hey guys! i was thinking of getting either an ipad mini or the normal ipad 10.1 inch. i was thinking of getting the former because it might be easier to take notes during observerships/electives/clerkship since i have very small hands and carrying anything bigger might be uncomfortable -- but do you guys honestly even take notes during that time? and would it be weird to use an ipad or is it better to just do it on pen and paper? if there's no point or use in using an ipad to take notes during observership then i'll prefer to get the 10.1 just for class notes since its way more affordable. jus
  5. i.e. thanksgiving, good friday. just seeing what days to book viarail tickets in advance to see my folks!
  6. unsure if worth signing a lease...but also don't want to miss out on a good apartment. what's everyone else doing?
  7. just got the bursary email, i was approved for $1k. how much did everyone else get? was hoping for a bit more so a little upset and worried
  8. hey guys, basically title. my friend at ottawa said their admin had issues with some of the places first aid was done and only accepted it if it was done by the heart and stroke foundation. but for western is it okay to do it from anywhere? like for example any of the providers listed under redcross?
  9. I want to say it is only being used as a cut off. I am SWOMEN but my stats were: 126/129/125. And I did get admitted (albeit from the waitlist). Regardless I was definitely not competitive whatsoever for my mcat.
  10. Thanks so much for your help @CHG!!! If you don't mind I might message you in the next couple of days for more info and clarifications but this has been great to orient myself to Windsor!!
  11. Any current/past Schulich-Windsor students that can give advice on best places to stay? I don't have a car so will prefer for it to be a walking distance away from classes and the hospital! And bonus points if near affordable eating/groceries. Is there any university housing that some students pick that is available for medical/post-grad students (don't want to deal with first years/undergrads!)? I don't know anyone going to Windsor and would prefer to live by myself for at least my first year before I make friends and can hopefully have roommates moving forward Any other advice about living
  12. it seems like a couple ppl here and there have been declining off of the WL + accounting for ppl who dont post on forums, so don't lose hope yet! still have a good chance to hear back friday or even into monday
  13. @Ss123toydo you mind contacting admissions to see if the emails were a mistake?
  14. what do you mean white flagging? also are you able to call / contact schulich and ask them if it was a mistake (the call or the original implied ranking e-mail). the rest of us would really appreciate it big time. thanks bud
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