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  1. Hello everyone, I wanted your honest opinion as a medical student, does the program you take in undergrad matter? Are there notable differences between taking a general science degree across universities? I have thankfully gotten accepted into uOttawa (biomedical science and health science) as well as UofT life science (utsg/utsc) and I wanted some help on deciding between the two. I am really confused and my siblings and I are technically first gens (i'm the middle child and my older brother goes to mcmaster for business) so I could really use the help. Most people prefer not to tu
  2. Hello everyone I need help choosing a university that will offer me better opportunities for grad schools. I'm hearing so much different things from everywhere, so I thought i'd ask here. I was wondering which program/university of these would be better for med school in terms of networking, opportunities (research/volunteer/clubs), gpa? They both seem to have their pros and cons, but I am stuck between them. Thank you so much, in advance! ---- Both will cost the same for me in the long run and I'm going to have to get some part-time jobs near the universities to help me pa
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