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  1. Hi, I recently upgraded my classes after getting rejected last year and got in this year. Since most schools look at the last 20 classes, I mostly just took new classes i didn't take during my undergrad so that my s-gpa would be improved because most schools don't consider classes from 1st/2nd year (although this may different for each school). I would only suggest redo-ing the course is within the last 2 years and if you did quite poorly. But depending on school, I know that UBC takes the higher course mark but ORPAS does not take the average of both classes but counts each class indivi
  2. That's weird... because she replied to one of my emails in two minutes! But she replied last Thursday and Tuesday/Wednesday of this week.
  3. I emailed Janet ( forgot her email but it’s in the letter) and she got back to me pretty quickly. Hope this helps!
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