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  1. As far as I know you can take any classes as a part time or full time student. The OT programs looked at last 20 credits (2 years), but the classes themselves didn't seem to matter. With OT there are no prereqs though, which I believe differs from the PT programs. I would look at whether your required/core courses or the electives were bringing you down. If it is a prereq i would try retaking or taking a course to sub it out. Hope that helps!
  2. I would email Mac! They are good about informing on waitlist movement and whether or not it is likely to get in! Wishing you luck!
  3. If anyone else has been accepted into McMaster OT and haven't been added to the group chat, let me know
  4. I think volunteering with people regardless looks good - you can build all the CASPer related qualities BUT that being said, I think non-physio but still rehab related is still very applicable! For example, the GLA:D program was run by kinesiologists at VON a few years ago and it was a great learning opportunity. VON also runs light-moderate intensity exercise groups for older adults and many retirement homes do some therapy as well. I would explore different avenues not just a physio clinic
  5. For anyone else off the waitlist - is your deposit due before the day you need to accept by, or June 30th as shown on the Mac OT waitlist? My mosaic hasn't updated to let me pay yet.
  6. I got off McMaster's OT waitlist today and I'm screaming!! Looks like the waitlist is still moving along for those of you still waiting to hear! Good luck <3
  7. I may be wrong, but as far as I know McMaster has a cadaver lab - but I don't think Queens or Western does from what I've read. In terms of choosing the program it depends what is most important to you... Western's appeal for me was that they have intensives in second year, whereas Queens is nice because there are lots of hospital placements and the city is much nicer (in my opinion). I thought about the types of placements I wanted/demographic and ranked my choices based on that. I live closer to McMaster and Western so I know more about their surgical and rehab centres (I learned a lot by wo
  8. Congrats! That's great to hear that it is already moving Oh! And how long did they give you to reply for accepting the offer?
  9. Does anyone know if McMaster's OT waitlist is moving? If you got an offer, what spot were you on the waitlist? Trying to wait patiently but it's a bit difficult haha
  10. Hey! Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted this year I'm wondering if anyone knows how much McMaster's OT waitlist usually moves by? Trying to decide next steps and be realistic about whether or not I will get off the list this year.
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